Fee Structure 2022

There are three compulsory components to School Fees and Levies: Family Fee (per family), Building Levy billed (per family) and Additional Student Levies (per student).

Families are billed annually for School Fees & Levies at the commencement of the school year, usually mid February. Fee statements provide payment options through the school’s preferred option of Direct Debit either annually, quarterly, monthly or fortnightly. Alternatively, families preferring to make a one off, lump sum, full payment at the beginning of the school year can do so by cash, cheque, credit card or EFT Transfer.

School Family Fee

$1750 per family, per annum

Student Levies

Foundation - Year 2: $290

Year 3 - 5: $490

Year 6: $590

Per student, per annum

Parish Levy

A Parish Levy, currently $260, is billed to Foundation families to support the work of the Parish. This is billed separately by the Parish.

Building Fee

$350 per family, per annum

Payment of School Fees

Families are billed at the beginning of the school year. Fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and yearly payment options are offered.

Fee Policies 

Concessional Fee Policy

School Fees and Charges Policy

2022 School Fees and Levies