Music Lessons

At St Mary's we offer the opportunity for Music to be explored at an individual level. Private lessons are offered through 'The Music Bus'. Please explore their website to find out more. 

Fast Cars in Schools

St Mary's is proud to be associated with Fast Cars in Schools, a STEAM-based project that promotes problem-based learning.  

The Geelong College Challenge

We were the 2017 overall winners of the Geelong College Challenge. Our team successfully won the Technology Challenge and the Sports Challenge.

In 2018 we won the Mathematics Challenge. We are looking forward to 2019!

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden 

Our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program runs every week of the school year. We give our students the opportunity to care for our garden and produce fresh healthy meals from what we harvest.

Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food

In 2016, St Mary's School began its partnership with Jamie's Ministry of Food Geelong. It offers our students the opportunity to learn using their no waste approach to cooking. The program engages students in a seven-week program. 

  If you have not attended a cooking course with the Geelong location we highly recommend it.

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