Students engage with language in many settings, the role of our school is to build these skills in a deliberate manner. Students are engaged in a multi-modal environment, which supports them to seek meaning from what they read, view and hear.


Our school structure

Our contemporary setting allows our students to develop skills and strategies across the curriculum at their point of need. Our learning spaces provide a flexible setting for students to engage with peers and teachers along their learning journey.


St Mary’s offers all our students a structured morning with a focus on individuals and flexible groups that meet the need of the students and their skill development.  Progress is closely monitored.

Students engage with the following;

  • Learn how sounds in English are represented

  • Learn to read to obtain meaning from print

  • Begin to explore and develop their ability to write.

  • Develop spelling strategies

  • Deepen their understanding of the purpose and function of different text types

  • Develop an understanding of functional grammar

  • Develop an understanding of writers craft

  • Exposure to text


Literacy Assessment and Reporting

In Prep to Year 2, at the beginning and end of the year the teachers assess letter knowledge, concepts about print, reading progress and word knowledge. Students are continually observed and samples of work are collected.

At Years 3 – 6, teachers use formal reading comprehension assessments, spelling and word recognition tests and continually observe and collect samples of work to build up a picture of students’ achievements. Also, the NAPLAN (National tests) at Year 3 and Year 5 provide further data.


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