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St Mary's School, Geelong

St Mary's School
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It is with great excitement that we welcome new and continuing families to St Mary’s Catholic Primary School. St Mary's School is part of the St Mary of the Angels' Parish, Geelong. The school is one of the oldest in Geelong, beginning in 1842 in a temporary wooden chapel, where the Basilica now stands. St Mary’s School is now set on a one hectare site, adjacent to St Mary’s Basilica and situated in the central business district of the City of Greater Geelong.

The school’s central location provides opportunities for our students to use many of the outstanding facilities that the City of Greater Geelong has to offer, including the Geelong Library and Heritage Centre, Eastern Beach and Gardens, Geelong Gallery and National Wool Museum to name a few.

St Mary’s School provides an inclusive co-education from Foundation (Prep) to Year 6 with enrolments in 2024 totalling 227 students. Classes operate under a multi-age structure (Foundation, 1/2, 3/4, 5/6) and students are taught a comprehensive curriculum based on the VicCurriculum, as well as Religious Education in the Catholic Faith as set by the Archdiocese of Melbourne. St Mary’s School provides a safe and welcoming environment for students to learn.

In partnership with our Parish Priest, Fr. James Clarke, the staff, parents and other members of the community, our school provides students, with a high quality education that equips them with the necessary knowledge, skills, attributes and behaviours that they will use throughout their lifetime.

The school buildings incorporate many modern features to support contemporary learning and teaching approaches. There are currently twelve class groupings in spaces that are flexible in design allowing for differentiated learning. The school site has been carefully landscaped to provide two adventure playgrounds, grassed playing areas, an asphalt playing area, attractive gardens and seating areas. Our students use our outside areas for both learning and recreation.

St Mary’s School remains diligent in working to achieve the goals and targets identified in the School Improvement Plan across the five spheres of Education in Faith, Learning and Teaching, Student Wellbeing, School Community and Leadership and Management.

St Mary’s School values the strong and supportive relationship we enjoy with our parent community. The quality partnerships between home and school benefit the students’ learning and wellbeing. Many opportunities for parents to be involved in our school and their child(ren)’s learning, are offered. Our supportive Parents and Friends’ Association, are strong contributors both in community building and financially and remain dedicated to maintaining a strong, supportive school environment. The School Advisory Council meets regularly to provide an effective voice of the parent community.

The strong spirit of partnership between our parents, teachers, students, parish and the wider community remains a most satisfying aspect of our school. As a Catholic school we strive to demonstrate our commitment to our faith and provide living examples of God’s loving care for all people.

Richard Marles MP
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