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2024 School Captains

School Captains
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2024 St Mary's School Captains

Pictured l-r: Olliver (Mannix House), Lucinda (School Captain), Max (School Captain), Principal - Annice Lappin, Tilly (McAuley House), Celeste (School Captain) and Henry (Mercy House).

MANNIX - 4 March
Birthdate of Daniel Mannix.
Red House has been named Mannix after Daniel Mannix who was the Archbishop of Melbourne for 46 years and one of the most influential figures in 20th Century Australia.

MERCY -24 September
The Feast of our Lady of Mercy.
Blue House has been named Mercy, as St Mary's School was established in the Mercy Tradition and is based on the values of compassion, respect, integrity, justice, hope and joy.

McAULEY -11 November
The Feast of Catherine McAuley.
Gold House has been named McAuley after Sr Catherine McAuley the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, and whose example of mercy we are inspired to imitate, every day.

A message from the School Captains

We are extremely grateful for the role of School Captains.  As St Mary's School Captains, we will ensure that everyone feels comfortable in their learning environment.  We each have a different focus, however, we always like to work together.

Celeste - Environmental Captain with a focus on improving the environment.

Lucinda - Social Justice Captain with a focus on lending a helping hand to those in need.

Max - Wellbeing Captain, focusing on making sure everyone has a great day, every day.


As School Captains we are leading with compassion, empathy, kindness and collaboration, and making our school a better place.

We are so proud and excited to be leaders of the school in 2024!

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