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School Captains

School Captains
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School Captains

We are honoured to be the 2022 St Mary's School Captains.  As school captains we will be kind, caring, and good role models to all students.  You will see us give 100% effort in our learning and have a positive mindset towards all challenges we may face.

We are an inclusive school where everyone has the right to feel valued and welcomed.  As senior leaders it is important to continue to make our school a friendly and welcoming place where everyone is included.  Together we will strive to ensure our school remains a respectful, responsible and safe place to learn and play.

We look forward to our year together.

Lily, Josh, Amelia and Jack

School Captains

2022 House Captains
House Captains


Blue House has been named Mercy, as St Mary's School was established in the Mercy Tradition and is based on the values of compassion, respect, integrity, justice, hope and joy.  Our Feast Day is celebrated on the 24 September.  As the Mercy House Captains, we feel privileged and will strive to be the best role models to our peers, especially the younger year levels.  The focus for the Mercy House is that we will support everyone no matter a win or loss.

Layla and Ivy

Mercy House Captains


Gold House has been named McAuley after St Catherine McAuley the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, and whose example of mercy we are inspired to imitate, every day.  Our Feast Day is celebrated on 11 November.  As the McAuley House Captains, we will be responsible role models who will set a good example for future leaders, particularly for our Gold House.  The focus for the McAuley House is for everyone to give their best efforts and not only focus on the result.

Connor and Hannah

McAuley House Captains



Red House has been named Mannix after Daniel Mannix who was the Archbishop of Melbourne for 46 years and one of the most influential figures in the 20th Century Australia.  Coincidentally, he laid the Memorial Stone here at St Mary's School, many years ago.  Our Feast Day is celebrated on the 4 March.  As the Mannix House Captains, we will role model for others - fairness, kindness and encourage others to have a go.  The focus for the Mannix House is to always show good sportmanship and for everyone to have fun.

Lottie and Lachlan

Mannix House Captains

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