St Mary’s School aspires to develop students who are confident and skilled mathematics learners. At St Mary's students engage daily in 90-minute Mathematical sessions.


The students participate in a half-hour daily maths session, focused purely on ‘number’ where they develop the skills of counting, pattern, place value and the four processes. Students then have one-hour maths lessons, where they are given opportunities to apply these mathematics skills and problem solve through the use of open-ended tasks.


Mathematics classroom learning is guided by the Victorian Curriculum to ensure that learning outcomes are achieved. Student needs are regularly assessed using a pre- and post- tests, allowing teachers to

construct a curriculum that is tailored the student’s point of need. Classroom learning is balanced between

building skills and knowledge through explicit teaching, investigating mathematics concepts independently and

reflecting on their learning. Students are constantly given the opportunity to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.


St Mary’s school is dedicated to assisting students to reach their full potential. As such, our school offers plenty

of opportunities to apply mathematics knowledge in a variety of ways. We use technology to assist in building

skills and knowledge – for example, the Mfacts program, and participating in external competitions – such as the

Australian Mathematics Competition, as well as create in-school projects based on mathematics.


Our school acknowledges the vital role that parents play in the development of student learning. We encourage

the home – school partnership, offering timely feedback to parents about their child’s learning and discussing

ways to continue the learning at home.



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